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06 November 2014 @ 02:13 am
hiyokuroku feels saitou hajime feels  
so i just found out that wasurenagusa has a brand new season; which is Hiyokuroku
anddddd the first vol released was Saitou Hajime!!!! asdfsdfdgv my absolute fav man!!!


look at that flawless art uh such perfect body

(!! spoiler alert !!)

i listened the cd and went all asdfdsdfj /what is coherent/

if he's cold and seen as emotionless in the first season (mokuhiroku), he has now had a character development. he is much more gentle and sweet i really could feel the love.

during track #3, the first making love session, asdfddfg
he brought castella, you ate it. he loves watching you eat and he kinda want to try it too (even though he dislikes sweet things) and ahem ofc we know where this would lead //////

he is so gentle asdsfedfgf
like, "it's been a while so it might hurt" /inserts/ ahhhhhhh
like the ahh is so full of love you get it????

towards the end of cd;

he said the sight of you doing things for him is so endearing asfg jfc no baby dont do this to my kokoro
andddd, he proposes you ayyy finally there is a happy end for us

tbh i don't quite understand the "very srs business" story so i hope anyone would translate this u_u

also, the ost the bgm. ofc we get new bgm and guess who sang the ost for this season? goddess marina! aka the one who collabs with deco*27 /sobs/

tHE NEW BGM IS NICEEEEE rejet pls release a wasurenagusa ost plssss just take my money away