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09 November 2014 @ 02:34 pm
otona no renai thoughts // draft  
title : Otona no Ren'ai
CV : Morikawa Toshiyuki
rating : R18 (!!)

/spoiler ahead/

not a detailed one, just my thoughts about this cd ~

track one
cd start with hot kisses /////
apparently you drank a lot of liquor and he pointed out how you stink of it and called you drunkard. he doesn't mind entertaining you who was heartbroken from an unsuccessful relationship.

/undressed you and said your skin's beautiful/
/said you're his type/
/refused to turn off the light/
once you're done the thing, he is interested with you thus exchanged contact info.

track 2,
after that night, (i suppose they had done it many times), you both were chilling in izakaya while having alcohol. he said he don't really have intention to date anyone seriously for the time being. past experience with his ex-gf left a huge wound. the said ex-gf cheated on him, he found out she slept with other man behind him even though he has done everything for her.

on the other note, he also pointed out that he likes having you around as you both share same interests, easy to talk to and compatible with him on bed. he founds pleasure hearing you moan to which you retort by hitting him as you are both in public.

("it's your fault for letting such moan. ah it might be me being good at it that you let out such voice") SRSLY THIS MAN ASDFG

while you're at that topic, he insisted to do it at your home since he kinda get horny lmao

~arrived at the door of your home ~
/teased you by kissing your ear so that you'd hurry up and unlock the door/
when you're about to do it, he noticed your high body temperature; you had a fever.

he nursed you (dried your hair asdfgg), and promised to stay by your side until you fall asleep. you held his hand tightly and unconsciously said you're lonely to which he found cunning.

track 3
you met him by chance, he invited you to tag along with and his female friend.
somehow you got jealous. (ok srsly hafta edit this bcos i have vague memory about this cd - only listened once)

and you backed off and went away from him outta jealousy while using "you had some business to do" as an excuse.

he chased after you and said that you went the wrong way, and from that he could tell you're bluffing so he went after you.

he then told about how you talked in your sleep. he thought you were talking about your ex-bf but since you looked so honest, while holding his hand, so it must him you're talking about.

/// only remember until this part ///
so yea ofc you ended up together w him ~

but really, drama cds these days kinda has lost its value. the plot is messy and rushed.
i am expecting for more development on the relationship. i mean, not saying one night stand is a bad start. love sure can occur but isnt it too fast???

like in Twinkle Blossom vol 1. i get it that hero is her childhood friend but sex right after a confession....
i want some ichaicha first. then we may proceed to the next level.

same goes to Kare Pillow #4 oh my god
you met an online pal and bang her right away. and he said it was instinct/gut feeling like whut
(the only good thing about it is the CV is okitsu kazuyuki)

meanwhile those cds with good plot (imo) are most probably Yomei Kareshi and Wasurenagusa series
i don't check out Taishou Guuzou Roman but i kinda have a feeling it's the kind of cd that value development. I dont listen to those with fantasy setting or the ones that has lots of prince (sibling prince etc) - kinda bores me tbh
don't even mention diabolik lovers or bad medicine bcos while i agree i'm a Do-M, i just don't see the romance????

i prefer yandere themed. i used to dislike it until i heard Osananajimi no Kare by Hinocchi uwu
Hitorijime is also good ;w;b

but yea all in all, otome cds' production team should hire better scriptwriter