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14 January 2015 @ 10:22 pm
hanae's blcd debut ~ /o/  
title : Fudanshi-kun no Honey Days
CVs : Suzuki Yuuto, Toriumi Kousuke, Hanae Natsuki, Kawahara Yoshihisa

inb4 i thought Akibahara Fall in Love was Hanae's first blcd, but after listening to freetalk of this cd; he revealed that it's his first time (voicing blcd) ~ ;w;

and personally i kinda prefer this cd over akibainlove

(note : this manga is basically porn. and it's kinda pwp on top of that, so if you're expecting a bl with deep plot along with meaningful underlying themes; nope this is not for you.)

track 1 :: Sakurai Yuuto x Toriumi Kousuke
basically this story is about Arima Kouhei who is a fudanshi otaku. (i gotta mention this one thing, this family generally have good looking faces.) i'm just gonna make this short.
he got long hair and he was scolded by his sister bcos his maegami is frickin long so he hafta go out for a haircut.
basically went to salon and met this ikemen charai otoko namely Shiba who think kouhei's beautiful and stuffs so he kinda get horny and teased kouhei and they almost did the thing.

ofc our little baby kouhei was all like "w-whattt is this rl bl??!"

but yeaaah just like other typical bl it will end up with uke feeling all "why do i doki" "ahh it's love"

track 2 :: Hanae Natsuki x Kawahara Yoshihisa
next story is about Kouhei's lil bro Kanata who dress up and pretends as his twin sis and go to school for her as a batsu game.
given that he is good looking + cute like a girl, ofc he could pull it perfectly (plus point that hanae can make quite convincing girl voice) but guess what mess up the whole thing? a fucking vibrator in kanata's bag; which a teacher found.

after explaning to Mimasaka sensei the whole situation, Kanata's free from any detention/punishment. but he insisted bcos he felt bad (lol wrong move kid). therefore the hentai sensei made kanata put the vibrator in his uh.. thing till the end of the day.

see? porn basically. and yea ofc sex after that. twice in one track btw.

track 3 :: basically sex with boyfriend in front of your bro (and your bro having sex too)
both seme(s) argued that their uke(s) is the cutest hence held a cosplay fest .....so ofc after that they had sex with their partner =w=

track 4 :: declaring love to the seme
ukes feeling uncertain/uneasy for having sex without confeesing their feelings. kouhei went the stuttering cutely way, while kanata went the tsun tsun way. happy ending yay. (+ a bit dere possesive kanata towards the end) asdfghgfd just how cute is that

track 5 :: freetalk
aka suzuki yuuto being extremely polite and cute with tori-san and hanae being all "i'm nothing but a hentai"

thoughts/opinions/rating :
this is purely personal based on my own views hence i bet it would differ from yours

plot (3/5) basically pwp and uke end up liking jerks people who assaulted them. like wow ok that was basically sexual harassment if you look carefully but i believe it's the same thing with het ecchi so haha

acting (5/5) ok i'm biased my life is all hanae now. bye. no but really he's good. everyone's good. maybe suzuki should tone down that uke voice. bcos he's already cute with his own original voice uwu

manga art (4/5) the art is nice, i don;t have anything to complain about it but it's not really my forte