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27 September 2014 @ 01:02 am
i need to make more icons  
liking someone is too much of a burden.

i decided to stop liking him.
but why do you appear when all i try to do is to stay away from you?

ughhh /flips tables/

at times, i feel like dedicating a post. a very long entry, all about him. i want to describe him, his profile, his antics, how foolish he is, his kindness and then get over it. like, ok i acknowledge the fact that i like you. but hey what to do, i am unattractive. i cannot even love myself! i cannot start a simple conservation with stimulating it in my head, let alone me approaching you. so hey crush i'm gonna forget you so bye.

so long. it was thrilling. i've not liked someone for over 5 years.
i wanted to like someone. i had one. then i noticed he is just equally nice to everyone. how am i going to tell who's the person he likes?
what's his type? do i even stand a chance?

i'm just gonna leave em all behind.

it's always like this. it's always this side.
i just wanted to be loved too. it's just a matter of time. tons of priorities await me, so i have to pursue them first. love comes later.

so yeah