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03 October 2014 @ 07:35 pm
let's talk about H cds

i don't remember my first H cd. if you count kannou jikan as H, then that'd be my first H cd but tbh i don't really enjoy it. it doesn't even give me the kyun. is it suppose to hypnotize us? bcos i don't feel like i'm being hypnotized :'D

# my first r18 doujin cd would be "kareshi wa nanika wo kakushiteru". the chinpo sounds omfg i cannot forget it (and will never want to forget it ww).

first vol is about a really do-s guy but the truth he really loves his girl and he is so embarrasingly tsundere who think of making a super lovey dovey mail add and fluffy situation in his head. the second vol, which is my fav volume; is an openly loving bf who spoils his gf a lot. but the truth is he is a yabai level yandere who stalked his gf for a year before they date each other, installed surveillance camera just to check on her, asked someone to flirt her to see her reaction, secretly measure her body, feels happy to drink the same beverage with her while checking up on her on cctv. so very yabai desu. while the third one is a bit gore. he is just as loving as the second guy, aims to be ouji-sama in front of her, did his best to please her. but the truth is he is insecure about himself, he is a perfectionist and keeps thinking he is full of flaws and that his gf didn't love him whole-heartedly thus he resorted to self-harm by cutting his wrist.

some deep shit there.
but i really enjoy this cd and i'd want to listen to them over and over.

1st vol : Toda Yukiya - CV : Kurohyoe (??) 黒兵衛
2nd vol : Tonomura Makio - CV : Kamonegi
3rd vol : Mishima Chika - CV : Sobatarou

ps : cannot help but to point out that 2nd cv's voice has luz' vibes www

# another fav series of mine is Stellaworth's Blossom series; Sweets Blossom and on-going series Twinkle Blossom.
Sweets Blossom is a situation cd with patissiere setting revolves around a store; Le Ciel Bleu (ok idk how to romanize this sorry).
first vol is about a young patissiere, second is about the founder of the store (eroi middle age ikebo alert!) and the third one is about a freelance journalist who write bad things about the store but the reality is, he used to study pastry knowledge with the store founder.

i like the second vol more because man, mid age ikebo. i cannot help it ;w;

1st vol : Kurasaki Keita - CV : Suzuki Yuuto
2nd vol : Hikami Kyouichi - CV : Kawada Shinji
3rd vol : Takasaka Junya - CV : Narita Ken

# another series that i am fond of is Girls' Therapist.
ok lie i only listened to the vol that has Satou Takuya bcos eroi voice with eroi slurping technique /swoons/
this series is about male who become girls' therapist or smth along the lines. they have to choose a girl and please her at all cost. they'll wear bracelet that show colour that would indicate the girls' mood/feelings (sorry i don't remember whether it's the therapists or the girl who wear the bracelet) they should never upset the girl bcos they'd feel the pain heheh i like this concept, if only it applies irl; nobody would hurt girls ;w;

bcos i don't listen to other volumes apart from Satou Takuya's so idk what's their characters' name ~ CVs are Sugiyama Noriaki and Ohsaka Ryota.

# meanwhile, Reversible is about being in reverse role than usual days. like for example, you're a passive gf but this one night, your bf wants you to top him. first volume is voiced by Satou Takuya; do-M boyfriend, and the second one is voiced by Nojima Hirofumi; a really gentle bf ~

i like both but in terms of voice porn, Satou Takuya won ~ /o/
plot wise, i like the second one, though it's hard to imagine if Satou Takuya gets to voice the second plot ahaha

# another one, Otoko Tomodachi; also my personal fav ~ CV : Katou Masayuki
there are two routes with different ends obviously. you and the male character are fuck buddies. you guys used to date each other, but broke up as you both keep fighting but somehow get back together as fuck buddies. the truth is you still love him and he does feels the same. happy ending is both of you get together while bad end is him being yandere.

pretty nice cd ~ i've never heard of this seiyuu before. have i mentioned i like yandere? uwu

# another doujin cd that i listened ; Shinyuu no Kareshi ni Aisarete
pretty obvious from the title itself. your friend's bf likes you and he confessed to you and u both hooked up.

there's more actually and i guess i'll keep updated from time to time?? idk
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